Bon Parfumeur eau de parfum - 601

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Eau de parfum 601 : A very fresh vetiver


In this creation, elegance reigns supreme. Pink pepper, grapefruit and bergamot turn on their charms, driving us crazy with their fresh bursting notes. At the heart of the fragrance, dazzling violet adds a floral dimension. We love the winning trio of woods in the background: cedar, sandalwood and vetiver. A distinguished fragrance signature that makes a strong impression.


What is pink pepper ? 

Perhaps you’ve heard it referred to as Schinus molle? It’s not the best name, so we prefer to call it pink pepper – much more glamorous, we think you’ll agree! Pink pepper has a very peppery, spicy flavor that is both warm and cool. It belongs to the spice family. Pink pepper tastes as great as it smells and can also be found in gastronomy. It adds an extra boost. CO2 extraction is used to collect the scent of these seeds. This modern technique makes it possible to obtain the purest notes.


What is vetiver like ?


We love vetiver’s woody, slightly earthy aroma with accents of grapefruit. Depending on where it comes from, it can also be smoky, green or leathery. To obtain the essential oil, vetiver roots are washed, cut and dried in the sun, before being steamtreated.


What does grapefruit add ?


Grapefruit enlivens creations. We love the bitterness and liveliness of this citrus fruit, known in botany as a hesperidium. This name is a reference to the Hesperides in Greek mythology – the nymphs who lived in a garden where magnificent fruits grew. Grapefruits are grown in Florida, California, Israel and Argentina, and their essential oil is extracted using cold pressing. The small oily sacs on the surface of the rind are pierced by needles and the liquid drips out along with the juice. After decanting, the oil and water separate and the essential oil is collected.



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