Ese 0 Ese Dora woven top

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Blouses have become one of our favorite garments and, above all, romantic style designs are super trendy: ruffled details, delicate plumeti fabrics, Victorian-inspired necks, classic laces, pleats, sensual laces... Everything that makes classic special, like our lovely Dora Blouse. A romantic shirt with a special detail at its embroidery with lace in the body and the sleeves.

- 100% organic cotton shirt
- Lace and embroidery details
- Square neck
- Puffy long sleeves
- Large cuff with elastic pleat
- Closure with lined buttons in front

This garment has been made with sustainable materials and processes that reduce the environmental impact
Made in India

100% organic cotton

GARMENT CARE: organic or ecofriendly cotton emerges as a responsible and positive alternative. They don’t use insecticide, pesticides or chemical fertilizers for its cultivation, the natural cycles of the soil are favored and toxic substances aren’t present in its spinning and production processes.