Sthal Ceramics coffee cup - antique

$37.37 USD

Product description
A classic coffee cup for everyday use and parties. This comfortable coffee cup has an exquisite, well-balanced shape. The ear is easy to grip and makes the coffee cup a pleasure to drink from. The size is perfect for both coffee and tea. The beautiful cup will inspire many lovely coffee moments. Perhaps it's time to host a coffee party or afternoon tea soon? Then this cup is just right and will be loved by your guests. The elegant pattern is typical of Sthål's Arabesque ceramic series. It matches everything else in the range to make the table setting a pleasure. The coffee cup is beautifully glazed, here in the noble colour of antique green. The glaze is a so-called effect glaze. It has small fine crackles that add life and variety to the ceramic. The flowing glaze creates a lively surface with varying tones and intensity, making each one unique. 

Sustainability and quality
All cups are made of durable white stoneware clay. Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

We are Sthål - Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson-Liedberg. Two Swedish creative souls with a background in illustration, styling, design and cookbook creation, united in a love for great food, good friends and finding beauty slightly beside the mainstream. Realising we shared the same dreams, we quit our professions as graphic designers in 2010 and presented our first ceramic collection "Arabesque" two years later. Dishwasher safe and ready for microwave or oven use, it combines inspiring design with practical convenience. With our hands firmly in the clay, we've since developed and refined "Arabesque" into a complete collection of modern stoneware with the ambition to create the lasting quality of future antiques. The story continues... Welcome to our world.