Studio-Kin Grace leather biker jacket - navy blue

£445.00 GBP


GRACE” - a light leather jacket

Style: Biker / Rocker

References: Seattle Thin

Colours offered: Black, Dark Green and Blue Night

The style is inspired by Grace Jones, it’s for the woman who doesn’t compromise or conform to society.

Details: Washed Leather, No epaulettes on the shoulders, fitted, dark zippers - not silver or harsh hard wear.

Our aim with the range, and the brand is to offer a sustainable and ethical product, with longevity and care for the animals, farmers & manufacturer.

Each Jacket is sourced from the best leather in a quality called AA-grading. In order to get the quality, we have to ensure the animals from birth and through their lives are treated well, and nurtured.

Each Studio-Kin piece is a bi-product, meaning nothing from the animal is left for waste, but is used in other productions.

Each piece of leather is tanned in the sun, to avoid the usage of chemicals.

  • Leather Working Group

    We are a member of the LWG, a not-for-profit organisation that provides the world's leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry.