Studio-Kin Helena cropped leather jacket - black

£408.00 GBP



Style: Classic Short

Colours: Black and Dark Green

Helena Bona Carter inspired us for this style

Figure hugging style with panels. Cropped, and ends just with under the waist, which makes it the perfect jacket over dresses. Soft structured shoulder, with a little puff sleeve. 

Our aim with the range, and the brand is to offer a sustainable and ethical product, with longevity and care for the animals, farmers & manufacturer.

Each Jacket is sourced from the best leather in a quality called AA-grading. In order to get the quality, we have to ensure the animals from birth and through their lives are treated well, and nurtured.

Each Studio-Kin piece is a bi-product, meaning nothing from the animal is left for waste, but is used in other productions.

Each piece of leather is tanned in the sun, to avoid the usage of chemicals.

  • Leather Working Group

    We are a member of the LWG, a not-for-profit organisation that provides the world's leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry.