Olverum Discovery box

£37.00 GBP

  • Bath Oil 15ml
  • Firming Body Oil 10ml
  • Restful Sleep Pillow Mist 5ml
  • Pure Radiance Facial Oil 2ml

Be transported with Olverum’s Discovery Box.

The Olverum Discovery Box features the perfect 4-step ritual to relax, restore and renew both mind and body.

Included is the legendary Olverum Bath Oil (15ml - enough for 3 baths) which promises a truly meditative and uplifting bathing experience; the intensive body sculpting Olverum Firming Body Oil (10ml); Olverum Pure Radiance Facial Oil (2ml) which will bring vitality to both your skin and spirit; and Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist (5ml) which promotes a tranquil mind and restful sleep.

OLVERUM Bath Oil offers a luxurious way to unwind, soothing aching muscles, relieving stress, and promoting a restorative sleep that can help revive a tired immune system.

OLVERUM Firming Body Oil contains a dynamic fusion of active botanical extracts, enzymes and oils, specifically blended to enhance elasticity and restore firmness to skin.

OLVERUM Facial Oil uses revolutionary retinol replacement Bakuchiol, that works synergistically with Rosehip and Cacay Oils to firm, plump, and balance the tone of skin while preventing the dry, harsh breakouts synthetic retinol products can cause.

OLVERUM Restful Sleep Pillow Mist, just needs two pumps to help you fall asleep faster and improve qulaity of sleep